Suffolk administration has run amok

Published 8:51 pm Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To the editor:

I was pleased to see that Councilman Mike Duman voted against the current budget. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet and discuss the issue with him. He and Councilman Leroy Bennett were the only two members of Council that had the sense to vote against a city administration that has run amok.

I would ask that they research the agreement between the city of Suffolk and Nansemond County at the time of annexation. It is my belief that at the time residents of the county were promised that trash pickup would be free until at least 2018. I believe the council and the city manager are in violation of that agreement.

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I also would like to be able to communicate with my individual councilman or the council as a whole without the city manager being involved.

Also, I am more than a little upset that all my correspondence with council has been answered by the city manager. If I wish to communicate with her, then I will. However, my feelings as a citizen and a voter are not necessarily to be shared with everyone.

I believe that our city manager is out of control and is doing a poor job of meeting the needs of the taxpayers. Our economic condition is perilous at best and to argue that we should fund anything other than core services is irresponsible at its core.

I would like the council to review the policy that seems to mingle responsibility rather than define it and get the city manager to do her job, not the council’s.

As to the “tax” increase of over 20 percent to those folks who actually pay taxes, I am incensed that any city money is being spent for unnecessary things like the arts at this time.

Does the administration also plan to institute a fee for fire protection next, or perhaps for police protection? Basic city services should not be fee-based. It is simply a ruse to call it a fee, rather than a tax.

We as the taxpayers are tired of this type of dishonesty coming from our government. I believe the balance is tipping in this country, and this type of political game-playing will no longer be tolerated and that recalls of elected officials will soon become common.

I thank Mr. Duman for standing up to a council and city administration that do not have the best interests of itxs governed at the core of their work. I hope he will continue to fight for taxpayers.

William H. Millan