Land transfers for May 6-12

Published 7:58 pm Saturday, May 14, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

James S. Brady to Michael Kelly; 207 Berry Ridge Lane; $375,000

HBES LLC to Joseph M. Schipper; 6028 Mainsail Lane; $271,674

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HBES LLC to Brandon Shoop; 6075 Mainsail Lane; $221,000

HBES LLC to Buddy Snedeker; 6086 Mainsail Lane; $247,340

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Richard C.N. Mann; 6222 Cushing Street; $239,100

B&J Building Inc. to Michael W. Joyce; 6240 Old Townpoint Road; $194,900

Clifton Edwards to Citifinancial Inc.; 2132 Oregon Ave.; $144,527.31

Marilyn R. Past to Anthony R. Wheeler; 236 Baron Blvd.; $272,500

Mildred W. Rhyne to Barbara Kay Reisenbichler; 1698 Cherry Grove Road; $319,000

Phillip L. Spindler Jr. to Virginia Housing Development Authority; 3608 Cook Road; $240,244.17

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 127 Rockland Terrace; $278,800

Joseph A. Coley to Community Bank; 2432 Nansemond Parkway; $36,000

Joseph A. Coley to Community Bank; 2406 Nansemond Parkway; $59,100

Joel C. Taylor to Veronica Malone; 5049 Kelso St.; $265,000

Don E. Sawyer to Jeffrey T. Crewe; 208 Crown Arch; $279,000

Wyndy L. Woods to Thomas L. Higgins; 5308 Doral Woods Court; $404,300

Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 918 Pennsylvania Ave.; $160,100

Kyle E. Gibbons to Wells Fargo Bank; 121 Misty Ridge Lane; $305,180.05

Charles D. Parr Sr. to Michael Gaffney; 107 Linden Ave.; $163,600

Troy Kelly to Reginald Jennings; 6036 Rollingwood St.; $195,000

Clarence H. Brooks to Dynamic Homes Corporation; 508 Kissimmee Ave.; $5,000

David Arthur Middlebrook to Kenneth S. Sayre; 124 Birdie Drive; $414,400

Geneva N. Perry to Shani E. Brumley; 5204 Bartons Creek Court; $345,400

EWHR Properties LLC to Daniel W. Henkel; 4016 River Park Drive; $250,000

Rosa B. Warren to Paul W. Seidler; 2010 Livingston St.; $221,300

Fannie Mae to Michelle K. Hoyte; 1512 Raven St.; $231,400