Reasons to be in a good mood

Published 9:00 pm Thursday, June 2, 2011

I’m usually not in a good mood when it’s hot outside. I mean, let’s be honest, I simply don’t have the figure for enjoying excessively warm weather. Yet I am in the best of spirits lately. And since this such a particularly good mood, I thought I should dissect this in an effort to bring about this occurrence as often as possible.

From a health standpoint, I’m maintaining. I have gained about four pounds back according to my doctor’s scale but the one I have at home tends to think I’ve lost about 50. (I haven’t ruled out the possibility that my scale may actually be broken but if it’s in any way contributing to my good mood, I’m not probing any deeper.)

Moreover, I recently went to Water Country U.S.A. and did not leave feeling as I did after my last visit — squishy and beaten with a billy club. So, I guess that also speaks to being in better shape. And no one within earshot mistook me for Shrek or a beached whale. (I’ve been told the green ogre and I look a lot alike, but whatever. I’m not bragging or anything.)


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But most of all, I think the greatest contribution to my good mood lately is the arrival of the new issue of Suffolk Living. And while I’m fond of every issue we put out here at Suffolk Publications, I feel a certain bond to this one because of my meager contribution to the planning meeting for this issue.

In past issues, I’ve read the stories, and while intriguing and interesting as always, I’ve felt like there was something missing for readers of my gender. I didn’t quite know what it was until I re-read the tea party story in the Spring 2011 issue and found myself making that “cutesy” sound.

For those of you who are not sure of what sound I’m referring to, it’s the sound a woman makes when she sees a rosy-cheeked toddler playing with a puppy in the park or the sound anyone makes when they see a newborn animal of any sort. It sounds a lot like “awwww.”

That’s right, men of Suffolk, I made that sound. I was so confused.

Because everyone knows Troy Cooper is nothing if not a manly man. (Except when I see something super-cute or a bug gets near my face.) I had to suggest this new issue of Suffolk Living be devoted to manly issues, like cars, cigars, man caves, T-ball, and the manliest thing of all — gardening … with children.

In all seriousness, though, whether my suggestion to make this issue more about the men was an attempt to salvage my last shred of masculinity or I did, in fact, have the good men of Suffolk at heart may never be known. What it has done is make a huge contribution to my good mood.

So I suggest that everyone pick up this latest issue of Suffolk Living to improve your mood. It’s certainly done wonders for mine. And for the men out there, this issue is a limited time offer with more man stuff and 25 percent less “awwww” moments. Enjoy.