A welcomed decision in IOW

Published 9:05 pm Friday, June 17, 2011

Last week, something happened right here in Western Tidewater that would be hard to imagine for most people who follow politics.

In an age when political egos are disproportionately large in relationship to the ability of the candidates who possess them, it is hard to imagine a candidate dropping out of a race because he believes a more qualified individual is in the running. Yet that is exactly what Rick Gaddis did. Gaddis is a former candidate for sheriff in Isle of Wight County.

The Newport News homicide detective dropped out of the race Thursday to throw his support behind another candidate, Smithfield Police Chief Mark Marshall.

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Gaddis explained his decision in a written statement. “Chief Marshall has already done what I aspire to do,” he wrote. “This election should not be about personal aspirations or egos. This election is about the new leadership so drastically needed at the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office.”

We couldn’t agree more. Well done, Mr. Gaddis.