Still a Bulldog

Published 9:24 pm Friday, June 17, 2011

King’s Fork senior Kristin Moore will be attending and playing softball for Barton College next year. She’s earned an academic scholarship and is majoring in Special Education. Moore missed part or all of three straight softball seasons with two shoulder injuries prior to her senior season.

King’s Fork senior overcomes injuries to make Barton College team

Not many high school athletes could go on to the collegiate level after playing two full seasons for their school squads. Even fewer players could do so with those two seasons being four years apart.

King’s Fork senior first baseman and clean-up hitter Kristin Moore is going on to Barton College in the fall where she’ll still be a Lady Bulldog softball player, now a Barton Bulldog.

Two terrible shoulder injuries, with accompanying surgeries and long rehabs, kept Moore out of most or all of her freshman, sophomore and junior softball seasons and just as much time missed as a goalkeeper for KF’s field hockey team.

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“I’ve had some obstacles but now I’ve learned how hard I can work. It’s taught me to be stronger and to give all I can. It’s shown me how much I love the sport,” Moore said

In the summer after playing on King’s Fork’s junior varsity team in eighth grade, Moore growing strain and pain in her throwing shoulder became too much.

Surgery in the early part of 2008 and the following recovery and rehab kept her out for her freshman softball season.

Next spring, Moore played a few varsity games before the pain returned. During spring break, she found out her shoulder was torn again.

Another surgery kept Moore off the softball field for more than a year, at least as a player.

“With the first surgery, just because she loves the game, she probably came back too soon,” said King’s Fork head coach Richard Froemel.

“During her junior year, Kristin was at practice with the team every day,” Froemel said. “It was because she loved the game and the girls.”

“It was just anything I could do to help the team. Maybe there were things I saw that they didn’t see because they’re in practice or a game, if I could be another set of eyes or anything to support them,” Moore said.

“She’s not really the boisterous type, but she leads by example and it becomes the type of thing that others, her teammates, want to copy that,” Froemel said.

Moore helped lead King’s Fork to a 12-9 record and a district tournament spot. She had multiple games driving in five runs and going 4-for-4 or 4-for-5 at the plate.

“Just about any other person going through that probably would’ve given up. She’s driven. She knows what she wants,” Froemel said.

Moore traces the major and career she wants to pursue to fifth grade.

During a class field trip to a baseball game at Harbor Park, a teacher asked Moore if she wanted to sit with friends or with the teacher’s special needs class. Moore chose the latter option.

“And I loved it right away. That started my passion to work with kids who are disabled or who need help,” Moore said.

As a high school student, Moore’s been a volunteer assistant whenever possible for special education classes Froemel teaches.

“I see them the same way I see myself and it just feels good helping,” she said.

Moore selected Barton because it offers a major in special education. She’s earned an academic scholarship. Playing softball “is just icing on the cake,” she said.

“I’m kind of blessed,” Moore said. “They haven’t even seen me play, so for them to give me a roster spot, I’m lucky to have the chance.”

At the very least, blessings and luck intersected with hard work and perseverance.