Repeal the trash fee

Published 10:49 pm Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To the editor:

I agree with many other people whom I have talked to that the City Council should repeal the trash fee that was passed in May. With a surplus of $4 million, the new fee just doesn’t seem necessary.

The city manager has caused me to believe that she is incompetent to hold that office. Also, the council has led me to believe the same about its members who voted to increase the trash fee and other taxes and to give employee bonuses at the same time.

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Any business that would give away all of its profits, only to turn around and raise prices, would be considered totally incompetent.

If we had a $4 million surplus, why do we need more taxes? Maybe the council plans to give itself another big bonus next year.

It’s time to get a new city manager, and also a new city council, for giving us such a mess. When will it all stop?

I have always heard that a democracy would work fine until its leaders realized they could vote themselves a big hunk of taxpayers’ money and get away with it. Wake up, Suffolk. It’ your money they are giving away.

If something isn’t done about it, where will it end? More taxes and more taxes. We certainly don’t need that. And most senior citizens cannot afford any more burden than the city already has put on them.

Our motto should be: “Repeal it and stay, or leave it alone and go.” And then we should be ready to clean house in the next election.

Ray Hampton