Scouts’ ovens stolen

Published 11:12 pm Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Boy Scout is always trustworthy, but a local troop learned this week that others don’t always subscribe to the Scout Law.

Scouts from Troop 1929 recently returned from a weeklong camp and went to retrieve some cast-iron Dutch ovens from a storage trailer at the Murphy’s Mill Cabin, a retreat off Murphy’s Mill Road owned by West End Baptist Church, where the troop is based.

That’s when the Scouts discovered that at least half a dozen of the ovens, some of which were borrowed from Pack 73, were missing from the trailer.

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“It’s just discouraging,” said Cindy Fegley, one of the troop leaders. “It was very upsetting to find out that somebody had come onto the property.”

Fegley said the Dutch ovens are used to teach the Scouts outdoor cooking skills. Last month, the boys used the ovens to cook an entire dinner — including chicken wings, shepherd’s pie and dessert — for their families to showcase their culinary skills.

Fegley said she has asked everybody who might have legitimately borrowed the ovens, but nobody has them.

“I would much rather think that somebody borrowed them to use them for a specific purpose and intended to give them back,” Fegley said.

Whoever took the ovens would have had to jump over the locked gate on the road leading to the cabin.

“I’ve seen people at various times pulled over there,” Fegley said.

The thief also took a large truck rim used as a fire pit. The troop has yet to determine if anything else is missing.

The trailer has since been moved to West End’s parking lot, which is near Suffolk Police headquarters.

“I’m thinking that’s a little bit safer location,” Fegley said.

Fegley said there would be no repercussions from the troop if the belongings are returned.

“If they know where they are, we’d greatly appreciate them being returned,” Fegley said.

Fegley can be contacted at 334-2464.