Police reports for July 15-17

Published 5:02 pm Monday, July 18, 2011

July 15


Lost or stolen item, Henley Place

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False information to police, Warwick Street

Simple domestic assault, Whaleyville Boulevard

Motor vehicle theft, Walnut Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, W. Constance Road

Defrauding an innkeeper, N. Main Street

Destruction of property, Godwin Boulevard

Hit and run, Carolina Road

Petit larceny, Murphy’s Mill Road

Counterfeiting, Holland Road

Weapon law violations, White Marsh Road

Petit larceny, Clay Hill Road

Vandalism of private property, Majestic Drive

Resisting arrest, College Drive

Simple domestic assault, Kings Fork Road

Vandalism of private property, Ferry Road

Possession of marijuana, White Marsh Road

Nonreportable offenses, Brookwood Drive

All other reportable offenses, Bridge Road

Simple domestic assault, Haskins Drive

Petit larceny, Briggs Street

Simple assault, Fulcher Street

Simple assault, Saint James Avenue

Simple assault, Second Avenue


Charlie Alonzo Wright, 42, assault and battery and falsely identifying self to law enforcement officer

Aaron Lee Hartley, 35, driving under the influence of alcohol

David Eugene Schnur, 22, parole board warrant

Rebecca Joanne Grocha, 22, manufacture, sale and possession of a controlled substance

Andreaia Achrevilla Rogers, 23, obstruction of justice

Christopher Adam King, 22, possession of marijuana

Jesse Keith Byrd, 56, reckless handling of a firearm

John Edward James, 20, unlawful purchase or possession of an alcoholic beverage

William Felton English, 39, public intoxication

Carvon L. Hopgood, 36, assault and battery of a family member

Christopher Bernard Copeland, 23, drinking alcohol in public

Toria Christine Chatman, 24, possession of marijuana

Thomas Edward Caldwell, 37, simple assault and battery

George Nathaniel Gates, 28, failure to report to jail

July 16


Theft of motor vehicle parts, Wilroy Road

Simple domestic assault, Bute Street

Simple assault, Nansemond Parkway

Obstruction of justice, Spruce Street

Simple assault, Camellia Drive

Petit larceny, Holland Road

Simple assault, Woodhaven Drive

Vandalism of private property, Dana Drive

Simple assault, Godwin Boulevard

Credit card/ATM fraud, Pruden Boulevard

Larceny — shoplifting, N. Main Street

Petit larceny, College Drive

Aggravated assault, John T. Mullen Road

Petit larceny, College Drive

Aggravated assault, Pughsville Road

Hit and run, College Drive

Injured person, E. Washington Street


Jacob Evan Torchia, 20, driving under the influence of alcohol

Jason Bishop Cornett, 28, driving under the influence of alcohol

Lynis Pryis Wiggins, 33, public intoxication

Tierro Laprix Williams, 25, obstruction of justice

Sherman Lee Perry, 51, felonious assault

Laray Antoine Lawton, 28, felonious assault

July 17


Simple domestic assault, Bridgewater Court

Undetermined death, Truman Road

Theft from a motor vehicle, Cushing Street

Hit and run, Litton Lane

Breaking and entering — residential, Brookwood Drive

Simple domestic assault, Nansemond Parkway

Recovered stolen vehicle, E. Washington Street

Injured person, Gene Bolton Drive

Petit larceny, Kilby Avenue

Breaking and entering — residential, Willowbrook Drive

Simple domestic assault, Camellia Drive

Kidnapping, Scotch Pine Road

Petit larceny, Ashford Drive

Attempted suicide, Pughsville Road

Vandalism of private property, Causey Avenue

Simple domestic assault, Wilroy Road

Brandishing a firearm, Harvest Drive

Violating a protective order, Camellia Drive

Grand larceny, W. Washington Street

Hit and run, College Drive

Simple assault, Lee Street


Curshawn Murtrell Chapman, 33, assault and battery of a family member

Sandra Williford Godwin, 64, driving under the influence of alcohol