Fix your flags, and set the clock

Published 10:08 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To the editor:

Riding through our city recently, I observed an invitation to join the Boy Scouts.

It was through my experience in Scouting, as a Webelo leader, that I learned the proper way to display the American flag. However, while visiting several churches in the community recently, I have observed the American flag improperly displayed to the right of the speaker, instead of on his or her left, which is the proper position for it.

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Please make the changes where it is needed. Shame on you who know better, but have not bothered to get involved and make the change.

And speaking of change, be sure not to use the clock at the corner of Washington Street and Main Street to set your watch. You’ll wind up just as wrong as that clock.

Dorothy S. Rawles