Saluting the best

Published 3:04 pm Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today marks the fourth in a series of stories in the Suffolk News-Herald about some of the best students in Suffolk. This series has focused on the valedictorians of Suffolk’s graduating high school classes, the best students to receive their diplomas last month. After this week, one more student remains to be profiled from the city’s five high schools.

With the news full of headlines about falling test scores, unsupportable dropout rates and America’s fall in the rankings of educational attainment among industrialized nations, it’s important to recognize that there are some true success stories to be told about this year’s graduating class — and about education in general.

Furthermore, the headlines about teens that are not related to education are hardly ever positive, either. What with the rising tide of gangs, teen violence and other antisocial behavior among the younger generation, there’s plenty of fear and concern out there for the future of that generation — and, indeed, for the future of our nation.

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That’s part of the reason we chose to tell these five stories: People need to see that there’s hope. Just as with the generations that came before, this one has produced its share of responsible, engaged and ambitious individuals motivated to do well for themselves and to help improve the world around them. They might not change the whole world — though we’re not suggesting that’s impossible — but they’re certain to make a difference in their little corners of it.

Suffolk has much to be proud of in this latest crop of high school achievers, and we’ve been pleased to help share the stories of some of the best of the best.