Do not rush to judgment

Published 11:16 pm Friday, July 29, 2011

To the editor:

For 22 years, Elizabeth Epps has groomed and boarded my animals. No one loves animals more or works harder than she to save the unloved, throwaways or pets that people have to give up.

Shame on anyone who would set up a contrived situation to create a totally false picture of reality.

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Whey Mrs. Epps arrived home from a five-hour hospital stay recently, she found animal control officers dragging the cats she was caring for out of her home using that infamous pole used for vicious dogs.

I am told that these animals all had been people’s pets, that they were all spayed or neutered and that some had been declawed.

I guess that, because they had been so traumatized by the experience, most were classified as feral, and more than half of them were euthanized immediately.

Readers, please support a budding Humane Society shelter. We need someone in Suffolk besides Mrs. Epps to care about animals. And we need people who will not rush to judgment without investigating unfounded allegations against people like her.

Fran Smith