Land transfers for July 29 – Aug. 11

Published 9:40 pm Saturday, August 13, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

July 29 – Aug. 11

Robert Eric Coard to John W. Brinkley; 116 Springfield Terrace; $339,400

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Jason D. Weeks to Clay L. Holleman; 3935 Jackson Road; $245,500

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Andre L. Daughtery; 250 Locust St.; $144,600

Fannie Mae to Harvey D. Griggs; 4429 Whaleyville Blvd.; $252,400

Brittany Williams to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 3000 Hogan Way; $187,300

Terrypeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Kevin L. Byrd; 6737B Hampton Roads Parkway; $180,100

Wayne K. Sawyer to Kurt W. Taves; 4001 River Park Drive; $2,200,000

MCQ Builders LLC-1 to Christopher B. Strohm; 2561 Golden Maple Drive; $228,500

Timothy L. Spaulding to Jason P. Degraaf; 105 Windsor Court; $277,000

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Sasser Construction LC; 3223 Shelter Cove Court; $142,500

Eliza J. Battle to US Bank National Association; 5040 Townpoint Road; $129,400

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Sasser Construction LC; 3221 Shelter Cove Court; $152,500

Wells Fargo Bank to 726Sold Inc.; 325 Cedar St.; $90,900

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Kayla L. Thompson; 4020 Abercorn Drive; $234,900

David M. Southworth to Jacob G. Hilton; 6812 E. Dickens Court; $314,000

Thurman D. Reid to Virginia Housing Development Authority; 1211 Baltic St.; $170,700

Brewers Meadow Construction LLC to Jamail C. Trahan; 2126 Brians Lane; $281,000

Vineyards at Bennetts Creek Square LLC to Ann E. Barton; 914-D Vineyard Place; $278,340

Kensington Park LLC to Susan M. Belknap; 252 Craftsman Circle; $202,000

Belle Harbour Duplexes LLC to Sean D. Coleman; 3744 Pear Orchard Way; $201,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Bryan Wayne Ballard; 2087 Piedmont Road; $291,350

Michael R. Wood to Joshua Weinhandl; 3504 Farrier Cove; $226,000

Deborah H. Lee to Allan K. Iversen Jr.; 114 Windmill Lane; $10,000

Bobby R. Williams to Jason L. Scalzitti; 2112 Livingston St.; $189,700

Carl Wendell Bland to Rafael Martie; 5560 Godwin Blvd.; $89,600

Roger L. Lane to William Edwin English; 5385 Pruden Blvd.; $60,400

111 W. Washington St. LLC to One Eleven W. Washington Street LLC; 119 W. Washington St.; $600,000

Mary E. Payne to Andrew Baldwin; 5509 Buckhorne Crescent; $192,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington, D.C. to William M. McConnell; 5404 Pruden Blvd.; $159,500

Fannie Mae to Marilyn Wilkins; 319 N. 4th St.; $79,300

Stephen P. Hokanson to Matthew C. Reffitt; 1773 Millwod way; $293,000

Albert L. Milteer to Charlotte Y. Watford-Baker; 129 Greenfield Crescent; $157,300

Bartholomew A. Rasic to Louis R. Lampkin III; 3015 Kempton Park Road; $249,000

Clarence H. Brooks to Joshua S. Bynum; 1½ acre at Sleepy Hole

Tidewater Fair Downs LLC to Ramone D. Worthington; 2019 Freeney Ave.; $145,400

Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank; 6113 Old Townpoint Road; $48,938.94

Equity Trustees LLC to US Bank National Association; 214 Bunch Ave.; $124,089.20

John Joseph Benwell to Justin M. Floyd; 7241 S. Quay Road; $188,800

Glenna Thomas Robinson to Christopher M. Hallissy; 5153 N. Harbour Road; $281,500

Ankh 1 LLC to John Michael Louden; 1223 Carolina Road; $120,000

Recontrust Company to Wells Fargo Bank; 4937 Quaker Drive; $188,900

Fannie Mae to Tommy C. Trout; 1926 Carolina Road; $165,100

Joseph Auteri to Via Affiliates; 116 Sleepy Point Way; $1,250,000

Via Affiliates to Robert Sperlazza; 116 Sleepy Point Way; $1,006,000

Quaker Neck LLC to Ashley Associates Inc.; 405 Water Earl Lane; $187,800

WH Leitner & Son Inc. to Loverly S. Kalmbach; 2833 Nansemond Drive; $209,900

Judith Richard Marsh Eure to William S. Wilson; 4325 Godwin Blvd.; $175,000

Cedar Point Club Incorporated to Friends of Cedar Point Country Club LLC; 8056 Clubhouse Drive; $3,814,800

Michael J. Hauswirth to Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington, D.C.; 6209 Oakglen Drive; $209,980.05

Brandon Simpson to JM Reynolds Enterprises LLC; 319 Webb St.; $77,600

John Dwight Bradshaw to Robert C. Bradshaw; 1608 Holly Point Lane; $578,700

EWHR Properties LLC to Manish A. Patel; 4115 River Park Drive; $658,500

John T. Acton to Quincy A. Coston; 1800 Gunston Drive; $203,200

Robert T. Magee to Kevin Benjamin Kowalski; 1628 Moores Point Road; $356,600

Bank of America to Big Mix LLC; 808 McKinley Ave.; $36,300

Shaun B. Turner to Bradley J. Hartgerink; 5101 Brookstone Way; $474,000

Southeastern Virginia Properties LLC to Richard W. Blair; 142 Holly Hill Lane; $470,000

Philip W. Wyne to Steven L. Decker; 7818 Harvest Drive; $35,000

Samuel I. White PC to Federal National Mortgage Association; 416 Kingsale Road; $105,000

Recontrust Company NA to Bank of New York Mellon; 513 Catapult Court; $171,900

Daniel P. Crumpler III to Boyce Properties LLC; 510 Murphys Mill Road; $145,900

Keith J. Starling to Kidride Therapeutic Riding Corp.; 2510 Whaleyville Blvd.; $387,700

D&B Properties Inc. to Vernon A. Eason; 112 Squire Reach; $142,500

Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veteran Affairs; 1466 Lipton Circle; $263,800

Robert Kropik to Thomas A. Turney; 924 Macarthur Drive; $170,500

Aaron Marlow to William W. Miller; 2804 Windjammer Road; $310,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 130 N. Division St.; $83,300

Lacey A. Price to Keri C. Cates; 104 Eagle Point Crescent; $220,000

Maria M. Crisostomo to Darcy E. Kent; 147 E. Wexford Drive; $150,300

Carolyn R. Van Brackle to Charles L. Houston; 908 Virginia Ave.; $256,500

Donnie A. Smith to City of Chesapeake; 4.834 acres; $325,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert M. Holley Jr.; 5604 Nathaniel St.; $154,400

Virginia Electric and Power Company to Sustainable Forests LLC; lot on Hosier Road; $10,600

Sustainable Forests LLC to Seven States Timberlands LLC; lot on Hosier Road; $10,600

Glasser and Glasser PLC to Southeastern Virginia Properties LLC; 4303 Edgewater Lane; $136,000

Ohio Investments LLC to Matthew M. Adams; 500 Oak Grove Court; $179,400

Bank of the Commonwealth to Allan Drewry; 1105 White Marsh Road; $95,600

Coast to Coast Property Corp. to Ashley E. Brown; 203 Columbus Ave.; $127,000

Armando Perez trust to Adam R. Reckley; 214 Linden Ave.; $151,400

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ji Li Zheng; 254 Burnetts Way; $143,300

Kevin Fass to Audrey M. Jernigan; 1841 Mountainside Ave.; $258,100