My reward for the summer

Published 10:41 pm Thursday, September 8, 2011

It seems as though I will survive yet another summer. My sweat glands can get a rest soon, and the air outside will no longer be out to get me. The humidity will give way to a nice brisk fall breeze. And all you Suffolkians will see a more comfortable person when I’m out and about, not the perspiring mess standing in the line in front of you.

In the last days of summer, working here in Suffolk on Saturdays has certain advantages. Actually, it’s more than an advantage. It’s my reward for the dog days of summer. I don’t know whether it’s a perk or the heavens smiling on me just a little harder in early September, but destiny puts me but a mere fork’s tine away from Suffolk’s tribute to all things edible, Taste of Suffolk.

Last year’s event was an adventure I will not soon forget. I couldn’t think of a better way to get my lunch than going from stand to stand with a sack and grabbing the finest delectables from Suffolk’s premier eateries.

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It was bacon-wrapped quail and redneck tacos from The Catering Place, spicy baked beans courtesy of Jammin’ Jerk BBQ, flan cake from Grits and Gravy and a dizzying parade of samples from other local restaurants.

And as I understand it, this year’s event is only going to be bigger and better. I hope that means more restaurants and more interesting samples to try. If that’s the case, I think I’m going to need an even bigger sack.

I may even have to bring my niece Samantha along to help collect my haul. She could use the exercise of carrying my supersized, Taste of Suffolk lunch. And she can also serve as a reminder not to overdo it. I intend to live long enough for her to become successful and reimburse me for all my uncle services. (Believe me, she’s running up quite a tab, and I’m keeping all the receipts.)

No matter what new treat I get to sample at this year’s event, it’s nice that Suffolk has such an event to attend each year. Sometimes, we sink into our little worlds and forget to go exploring for new things to try.

A life without spice and variety is simply not worth living. I think an event like this helps serve that purpose. People can try foods from restaurants they’ve always wanted to, all on one strip of road. I don’t know what you all consider an ideal situation, but Taste of Suffolk is one of mine.

So the weather will be sunny but not too hot, and all kinds of tasty items will be dressing Main Street this Saturday. Come on out and enjoy the reward of surviving another hot summer in Suffolk.

The only way I can see making my adventure better this time is by taking on a new challenge at Taste of Suffolk. Did someone say jalapeno-eating contest?