Land transfers for Sept. 16-22

Published 2:08 pm Saturday, September 24, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Sept. 16-22

William K. Walker to Shay A. Witcher; 2109 Brians Lane; $343,600

Wells Fargo Bank to Antoine Lamont Flora; 425 Hastings Place; $502,800

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Katrina R. Bowers to Bank of New York Mellon; 3405 Dumpling Court; $401,100

Clarence H. Brooks to David B. Stuart Jr.; 3 acres in the Cypress Borough; $3,000

Clarence H. Brooks to David B. Stuart Jr.; 2.636 acres in Whaleyville; $10,750

F&M Services LC as trust to Federal National Mortgage Association; 150 Kennet Drive; $271,600

Fannie Mae to Mary C. Heath; 150 Kennet Drive; $271, 600

Fannie Mae to C2C Investment Properties; 864 Haskins Drive; $215,100

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Thomas Turner, 1037 Boundary Drive; $275,000

Virginia Housing Development Authority to William T. Brock; 123 Whaley St.; $119,200

Terri F. Davidson to Audrey Murphy; 4608 Hardy Court; $133,100

David B. Carter to Lacheryl R. Stebbings; 3420 Mockingbird Lane; $229,200

Samuel I. White as trust to Kay W. Hurley; 210 S. Broad St.; $178,600

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 132 Riverwood Terrace; $244,900

Lee E. Niemeyer to James Edward Stoddard as trust; 105 Watch Harbour Court; $705,600

Sean D. Rountree to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; 4512 Miles Ave.; $194,264.75

Birdsong Builders Inc. to Richard A. Rose; 3440 Village Square Place; $610,917

Nectar Projects Inc. as trust to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc.; 2305 Skeetertown Road; $110,100

Wells Fargo Bank to Kenyatta P. Pore; 319 Page Place; $278,700

Martin S. Wells to Wells Fargo Bank; 1201 Willowbrook Drive; $235,300

Boyce E. Mosby to Larry B. Stokes; 407 Butternut Court; $244,000

Virginia Housing Development Authority to Margarito Garcia-Pineda; 3741 Old Mill Road; $209,000

Signe E. Tucker to Ernest B. Perry as trust; 257 Carolina Road; $108,900

Dushaun Gordon to Federal National Mortgage Association; 140 Greenfield Crescent; $80,700

Citimortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 419 Woodruff St.; $80,178.24

Jimmie L. Belcher Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association; 211 Duke St.; $203,998.12

Teresa A. Anthony as trust to Shawn Carroll; 110 Kilby Shores Drive; $178,900

Gerald Clay Thomas to Federal National Mortgage Association; 1266 Barnes Road; $231,708.91

Jonathan C. McNeill to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 136 Whaley St.; $110,498

Donzell Powell to D&B Properties Inc.; 108 Shelton Court; $135,400

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Michael Peterson; 8362 Lee Hall Ave. Unit 21; $217,163

Margaret P. Roberts to Desiree A. Thomas; 356 Cannon Circle; $281,700

Gordon J. Lefrancois to Gary E. Amspacher; 1500 Wooduck Road; $397,700

Marsha Whitfield to Richard M. Copeland; 2000 Cedarwood Lane; $69,844.25

BJC-N LLC to Susan F. Boyd; 107 Raleigh Drive; $157,500

Quality Properties Asset Management Company to Jeffrey Townsend; 180 E. Washington St.; $125,400

Shelly L. Simpson to Kenneth R. Bott; 4000 Vicksburg Lane; $10,000