Cronyism is alive and well

Published 9:22 pm Saturday, October 22, 2011

To the editor:

I read your Oct. 18 article about Raleigh Isaacs Jr. being charged again with an alcohol-related offense, this time public intoxication.

According to your article he already has a pending court case for driving under the influence and refusing to take a blood or breath test for an August incident. This is the fourth time in less than six years he has been charged with a DUI, but he has never been convicted.

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So what do you have to do in Suffolk to be convicted of driving drunk, kill someone?

As we used to say in the military, rank has its privileges. Or, in this case, if your Daddy is the current Sheriff, and you know all the judges and prosecuting attorneys, I guess you get a free pass when you break the law.

Post this sign at every entrance to Suffolk: “Welcome to Surprising Suffolk, a great place to drink and drive!”

I’m going to post your article on my Internet site.

I lived in Suffolk for 44 years. I see the good old boy network and cronyism is alive and well.

Richard R. Harris