‘Friends’ looking for a home

Published 10:39 pm Monday, October 24, 2011

There’s a place in Suffolk with an eclectic clientele.

During a visit you may encounter a new mommy introducing her baby to her favorite childhood fairytale, a 6-year-old tucked into a corner with his nose in a book, a group of teenagers discussing the latest installment of their favorite anime series and a group of adults brushing up on their computer skills.

You might find a wise guide, helping a student through the perilous reference section on the hunt for paper sources.

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And, at least at its North Suffolk location on Saturday, you’ll be sure to discover a gaggle of ghouls, ghosts and pretty princesses enjoying a good story at the annual Pumpkin Palooza.

In case you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the Suffolk Public Library.

The library, in my opinion, is a key resource for any community. In Suffolk, libraries get kids off the street, promote literacy among kids and adults and offer a variety services from which all Suffolkians can benefit.

The library provides these services mostly with government funding. But some of its most important programs, including the summer reading program, are funded by the Friends of the Suffolk Library book sale.

And those programs are the ones most in jeopardy, now that the volunteer group is again without a home.

Once housed at a building on East Pinner Street and most recently at the old Pruden Hardware building on Carolina Road, the group is once again forced by circumstance to cancel its fundraising sales while members hunt for an appropriate location.

“We can’t pay but a certain amount, or we just won’t make any money with our sale,” said Lisa Quigley, president of the group.

Normally the group asks the public for nothing but their patronage at the monthly sales. Now members need a little more help.

Quigley has asked the public to keep an eye out for an empty space that could be a viable solution to the group’s dilemma. Call 514-1024 for more information.

As governments are forced to tighten their belts amid budget crunches, the Friends of the Suffolk Library is an even more important resource for library programs. But if the group is unable to find a new home, much of the money necessary to provide a robust set of library resources will simply disappear, along with the programs that money supports.

If you can help, please do so. There is a wide variety of library clients that will benefit from your help.