Morris’ leadership needed

Published 9:58 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To the editor:

Regarding the 64th House of Delegates race:

Rick Morris grew up in rural Kansas. After high school, like his father and grandfather before him, he joined the military. He recently retired from the Navy after 22 years. Now in private practice he defends active duty and veterans in Military and Security Clearance Law.

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Rick has a bachelor’s degree in sociology. While in the Navy, he served as an LDO (Law) for the Judge Advocate General’s office, and also as Flagman for the Admiral. While on active duty, Rick attended Regent University, and is the only LDO Law Officer in the history of the Navy to obtain a Law Degree while on active duty.

While deployed to Iraq as part of Taskforce 134, he worked on the prosecution of terrorists and detainees. Although many terrorists had been positively identified by fingerprints on roadside bombs, they could not be prosecuted because the Iraqi courts would not recognize fingerprint evidence.

Rising to the challenge, Rick created and coordinated training programs for Iraqi judges and officials. He also successfully worked with U.S. government agencies to streamline the presentation formats of the collected evidence so that it would be less confusing to the Iraqi courts. His efforts resulted in the first conviction and execution of a terrorist in Iraq based on fingerprint evidence. This demonstration of leadership is just one example of many from a long and distinguished military career.

Rick also volunteers as the treasurer and finance director for the Southeast Virginia Court Appointed Special Advocate program, representing abused and neglected children in court. He helped oversee the transition of this group from government control to a private organization, winning “Volunteer Organization of the Year for Hampton Roads” in 2009.

Rick and Cristina live and attend church in Isle of Wight County. Rick has four children. He understands the demands of service, career and family.

Bob McDonnell needs Rick Morris in Richmond. We need a representative who will take our conservative values to Richmond. We need a leader like Rick Morris. My family is proud to support him.

Lori Carlson