City does disservice by removing bins

Published 9:35 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Now, I’m not a fanatical environmentalist, but one earth-friendly habit I have always been behind is recycling.

I’m all for cutting down on the amount of waste piling up in landfills, and I also happen to think the idea of repurposing our waste is awesome.

When I started working in Suffolk, I was so impressed the city had so many sites to drop off recyclables, and even before I moved to the city, I used to drop off my papers and plastics at the TFC bins on my way downtown.

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When I moved to North Suffolk, I think I was one of the few citizens in favor of the recycling program being implemented by the city.

To my dismay, I didn’t get my own blue bin because I live in a condominium complex, but I wasn’t too worried because I knew I could always turn to the big green ones throughout the city.

Well, starting this week, I lost that option.

In a letter to the City Council members, City Manager Selena Cuffee-Glenn decided to remove 12 of the 13 bins throughout the city.

In doing so, the city has all but cut off my ability to recycle.

I understand Suffolk ditched the bins to avoid people dumping trash that doesn’t belong there, but I tend to believe someone who dumps their trash in the wrong place isn’t going to suddenly follow the rules because those bins are gone.

More than anything, this is just hindering people who have no other means to recycle.

Fortunately, although I live in North Suffolk, I work downtown very close to the only recycling bins left in the city, but what about the other residents who aren’t in the same situation?

The city said if someone lives in an apartment complex, they should beg their building owners to purchase bins, but the chances of that happening are slim in this economy when even residential developments are trying to cut costs.

Regardless of why this decision was made, it’s taking away a recycling option for residents, and I just can’t get behind that.

If the city was going to take the bins away, I just wish they would have given apartment and condo residents another option because “just deal with it” isn’t going to cut it.