Land transfers Oct. 28 – Nov. 3

Published 9:17 pm Saturday, November 5, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Oct. 28 – Nov. 3

Mark D. Gillen to Beneficial Financial I Inc.; 509 Millers Court; $207,800

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Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Angel A. Simmons; 2063 Queens Point Drive; $249,062

D&B Properties Inc. to BAW Properties Inc.; 1308 Shelton Court; $135,400

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Nicholas M. Merrill; 7239-D Arrington St.; $183,534

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Elfredia J. Sears; 7239 C Arrington St., $177,466

Bradford G. Waters to Anthony Pak; 2114 Canvasback Drive; $311,400

Lawrence Richard Messinea by trust to Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington D.C.; 2020 Queens Point Drive; $283,600

Moody Homes at Harbour Breeze LLC to Kerry D. Claiborne; 6038 Mainsail Lane; $247,500

Willie L. Jones Sr. to John H. Wynn; 108 N. 4th St.; $30,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stargel Ryan Doane; 2020 Brians Lane

Andrew J. Outland to Donna B. Totty; Holy Neck Borough; $80,000

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Les Ore Construction Co. Inc.; 3229 Shelton Cove Court; $140,200

Phyllis Garner to Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C.; 110 N. 10th St.; $109,021.03

David B. Carter Jr. to Steven E. Raby; 502 Constance Woods Drive; $149,000

Shannon R. Callahan to Dana J. Callis; 934 Freeman Mill Road; $240,200

Deutsche Bank Trust Company to Vernon Perry; 130 N. Division St.; $83,300

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Birdsong Builders Inc.; 311 Summerhouse Drive; $135,600

Atlas VA I SPE LLC to ABT Custom Homes LLC; 6004 Gardenstone Circle; $195,300

James Matts to Terry T. French; 284 Wexford Drive; $154,000

Elbar Incorporated to Eure Real Estate Incorporated; 310 and 310 ½ Linden Ave.; $137,100

Johnson’s Flowers Inc. to T.J. Johnson LLC; 3201 Holland Road; $34,930.22

Federal National Mortgage Association to L. Nicole Lynch; 6302 Sheffield Court; $287,500

Wirth Holdings LLC to Robert A. Picott; 5007 Benson Court; $274,900

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Cainesha R. Sills; 1410 Teton Circle; $176,700

Donald M. Burch to A-One Properties LLC; 147 Charles St.; $24,850

Jo L. Mason to Allan R. Blake Jr.; 119 Dutchland Trail; $200,000

R.P. Weeks to Jacob L. Barton; 236 Longstreet Lane; $271,000

Kevin W. Brady to E.G. Smith III; lot on Sadler Drive; $214,610

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Alexander L. Bly Jr.; 1401 Goose Creek Lane; $266,800

James W. Madren to Wachovia Bank National Association — formerly; 9260 Eclipse Drive; $164,270.16

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Jaime B. Lomax-McClary; 7239 A Arrington St.; $183,535

Kenneth P. Henshaw to LSR LLC; 5108-B Brookwood Drive; $87,400

Sasser Construction LC to Brian S. Jeltema; 3422 Village Square; $600,000

John F. Smithson to Rodney Hugate; 5112 Olympic Court; $361,500

Roger G. Devey to John F. Smithson; 5310 Shoal Creek Court; $290,500

C. Earl Blythe to Stephen Eldred Bylthe; lot in Holly Lawn subdivision; $100

John Walter Allen III to Elwood Gilchrist Jr.; 108 Halifax St.; $31,200