NSU, PDCCC sign partnership

Published 9:30 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NSU President Dr. Tony Atwater, left, and Paul D. Camp Community College President Dr. Paul W. Conco signed a partnership agreement recently, ensuring that students who transfer from PDCCC to NSU can attain a bachelor’s degree.

Through a special partnership, Paul D. Camp Community College and Norfolk State University are helping prospective students who want to attend the four-year college.

PDCCC President Paul Conco and NSU President Tony Atwater recently signed The Partnership for Academic and Student Success (PASSport) agreement, which will assist students who want to attend NSU, but need to be more academically prepared before enrolling.

“This partnership creates tremendous opportunity for our students,” Conco said. “Those who are selected for the PASSport program will have immediate access to many of the resources and student activities on the Norfolk State University campus while attending Paul D. Camp Community College.”

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Selection to the program is based on the student’s performance in high school, including grade point average and SAT/ACT scores.

Qualified students will be encouraged to enroll at any of the PDCCC locations to complete prerequisites at the community college level. After successful completion of those classes, students are guaranteed admission to NSU.

Conco added that often students would participate in a “2 plus 2 program.”

“Many students will complete two years at Paul D. Camp to earn an associate’s degree and then two years at Norfolk State to earn a bachelor’s degree,” he explained.