City to study King’s Fork traffic

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, November 24, 2011

The City Council voted last week to initiate a traffic study on King’s Fork Road in response to the request of a parent who is concerned about safety in the area.

LeeAnn Reeder, the mother of students at King’s Fork Middle and King’s Fork High schools, is on a campaign to get something done about morning traffic between the two schools. She spoke at the Nov. 10 School Board meeting and did not feel that she got any resolution, so she took her fight to City Council chambers a week later.

“The traffic situation between 7:20 and 7:50 is very scary,” she told Council members. She said the question of whether a serious wreck will happen at the intersection is “not if, but when.”

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The problem is compounded by buses, hurried parents and novice high school drivers, in addition to the fact that the schools are built directly across the road from one another.

“They sit there for a long time wondering, ‘Do I have the space or not?’” Reeder said last week of the young drivers. “Something needs to happen.”

Council members apparently agreed, voting unanimously for the traffic study.

“We know we have an issue there,” Mayor Linda T. Johnson said.

Reeder fears that a life-changing or fatal accident will occur soon.

“I’m extremely concerned,” she said at the School Board meeting. “I just want something done before someone gets injured or killed.”

Reeder wants a traffic light at the intersection, but knows that could be expensive. In lieu of that solution, she proposes a combination of re-routed traffic and signs prohibiting left turns out of the high school’s parking lot.

“That way, it allows traffic to flow smoothly from both schools away from the school while allowing the option of crossing from one school to the other,” she said. “I think this would be a much better alternative.”

Reeder said after the City Council meeting that she was pleased at the decision to conduct a traffic study. She just hopes the study results in some action — and that the action doesn’t come too late.