Big games in Virginia today

Published 12:12 am Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fans of college football in Virginia have a lot to look forward to today.

Norfolk schools Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University will play each other in football for the first time today in a first-round playoff game at ODU’s stadium, and perennial rivals University of Virginia and Virginia Tech also will meet this afternoon in Charlottesville for a regular-season game.

We hit the streets to find out what locals think of the matchups.

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Christopher Lewis

“I’m hoping NSU wins. I’m more of an NSU fan because I have friends who go there.”

Ovedia Morris

“I took classes at ODU, but I’m rooting for NSU because my daughter goes there, and I have a lot of co-workers who went there.”

Jimmy Brinkley

“I am a University of Virginia fan.”

Lamar Lassiter

“Honestly, I hope ODU stomps (NSU). They are a good team, but I think they are overrated this year.”

Jonathan Pinchback

“I’m rooting for ODU because my sister played field hockey there.”

Monique Hicks

“I think ODU is going to win. I think the ticket controversy will push them over the edge.”

Tim Foster

“I don’t really follow the teams, but I’m more of a fan of ODU. I think they are going to win.”

Shellie Foster

“I know of ODU, but I’ve never really followed the team.”