Scout raises money for family

Published 10:17 pm Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cody Saunders, 9, sells bracelets and keychains made of parachute cord to raise money for a family in his church affected by breast cancer. The products are available for $3 to $8.

When he attended Webelo Resident Camp, 9-year-old Cody Saunders likely didn’t realize he would return with the knowledge of how to run a business.

But that’s exactly what he’s doing — by making bracelets and keychains out of parachute cord.

“I made one at resident camp,” he said. “That’s where I learned how to do it.”

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Since he returned, he has processed dozens of orders for the colorful, functional items. In a survival situation, the bracelets can be unraveled to produce several feet of cord. They run from $3 to $8.

“Most of the money goes in his savings account,” mother Cynthia Saunders said.

But young Cody isn’t greedy — he also makes the bracelets and keychains with pink breast cancer awareness ribbons and donates the proceeds from those to a family in his church that is affected by cancer.

“There was one person who wanted one, and it took off from there,” his mother said.

Cody sold the breast cancer bracelets at a flag football tournament last month organized to help the same family.

“Next week, we’ll be able to give the family over $200,” Cynthia Saunders said.

Cody will make the ribbons any color the purchaser desires and donate the money to that cause or a family suffering from that cancer.

Each bracelet or keychain takes about two to three minutes to make, his mother said. Even so, production can get delayed at times because of homework.

“There may be a slight delay due to obligations of a school-aged business owner,” reads a disclaimer on the website.

Yes, you read that right — Cody has his own website, too.

To place an order or see the full line of products, visit