An impressive donation drive

Published 9:39 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last week, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy students and staff banded together for an extremely worthy cause.

On Friday morning, the entire school worked to fill a school bus with donations for Toys for Tots and to fill mascot Bernie’s doghouse with items for Suffolk Humane Society.

Every student had something to donate, and it took about an hour for every item to be in place.

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The students donated everything from dolls and board games to trucks and paint sets for Toys for Tots, and they were equally as supportive of the pups and cats with Suffolk Humane by bringing in food, cat litter, treats and other things.

While I’ve seen amazing efforts to help the less fortunate this year, I was especially impressed by NSA’s commitment to the donation drive.

By the time more than 800 students handed over their items, the bus was stuffed with supplies to go to Toys for Tots, and Bernie’s doghouse was overflowing.

As I talked to students about the drive, it was wonderful to hear why the they thought the drive was important.

One second-grader told me he was participating because he knows not everyone is lucky enough to have Christmas presents, and he thinks it’s good his school thinks about those people.

The drive was an excellent way for the school to show the students, especially the younger ones, how important it is to think of others.

Most elementary school children have the kindness in their hearts to give back, but if adults don’t set an example or coordinate a way for them to share that caring, they might lose it.

NSA’s staff and upper school students were exceptional examples for the lower school children as they got behind the donation drive.

The kids were as excited about the drive as if it were a holiday tradition like decorating the Christmas tree or putting milk and cookies out for Santa.

At the end of the day, NSA filled an entire school bus with toys for less fortunate children, and Suffolk Humane reported the school gave more than 200 pounds of dog food, 150 pounds of cat food and tons of collars, toys, treats and other items for the furry friends.