Working on the holiday mojo

Published 10:35 pm Thursday, December 15, 2011

Since there’s no object or trinket that I truly want this holiday season, I’ve really been trying to focus on enhancing my holiday spirit. Because it is only in bathing in that spirit do we truly enjoy what happens to people this time of year.

And since I can’t guzzle an entire jug of eggnog or toss back an entire army of gingerbread men to get my holiday mojo in full swing, I look for signs of that holiday spirit everyday. And it’s these little things that light those fires of fa-la-la-la-la in me.

And working here at the Suffolk News-Herald, there’s plenty to spark one’s holiday spirit, if you’re observant enough to see it. One of those little things is getting to see and read the letters to Santa we get from area schools to publish in our Christmas Greetings section. Everyone enjoys reading the letters of Suffolk’s youngsters because they spark memories of Christmas past.

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Though it seems like a simple thing, since we do it every year, it’s important to remember how lucky we are to be a part of the magic of Christmas for children. Granted, we are but the couriers delivering these Christmas wishes to Santa, but it still warms my heart to be so close to that process. While each letter brings us a little bit of joy, getting them in front of Santa’s bifocals is not a duty we take lightly, children.

After just a few of the adorable and heartwarming notes to Santa, I’m ready to roast chestnuts, sing “Jingle Bell Rock,” and go thumpity-thump over hills of snow like good old Frosty the Snowman.

Then, I read stories like the one about Salvation Army’s toy store on Holland Road. Because we all know that even though we at the Suffolk News-Herald make sure to get each and every letter to Santa, the big guy can always use some help reaching every child. That’s where the Suffolk News-Herald Cheer Fund and the Salvation Army come in to make sure Santa gets a little something to every child.

Looking at the photos from the toy store really spoke volumes on what this season of giving means to those less fortunate and struggling to make it work this holiday season.

Combine all that with sharing the company of talented and compassionate professionals as we labor tirelessly to continue to bring the people of Suffolk the news and information they deserve, and you just can’t help but have holiday spirit oozing from your pores.

So, if you’re still having trouble getting that holiday mojo working at this point, look for the Christmas Greetings tab in the Suffolk News-Herald on Christmas Eve. And after you’re done reminiscing about the year you got those My Little Pony dolls or special edition Starting Lineup football collectibles you wanted, let that spirit move you to make a donation to the Cheer Fund.

After all, holiday spirit shouldn’t just be a seasonal thing, right?