Verizon installs cables to increase landline capacity

Published 11:09 pm Friday, December 16, 2011

North Suffolk and Isle of Wight County are getting a little work done over the next few months to improve Verizon service, according to a company spokesman.

Verizon has begun work in the northern parts of both Suffolk and Isle of Wight to install fiber-optic cables underground.

However, this doesn’t mean the area is getting the company’s FiOS cable service.

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Harry Mitchell, the director of public relations for Verizon Communications in the Mid-Atlantic, said the cable installation in Suffolk and Isle of Wight is part of a statewide initiative.

“Projects like these are part of a significant annual investment by Verizon in its Virginia infrastructure,” he said. “In 2010 alone, Verizon invested $814 million in its Virginia wireline infrastructure.”

The cable is being put in along a lengthy portion of Bridge Road, stretching from Carrollton to the Bennett’s Creek area.

Mitchell said the company anticipates the work will be completed by early February, and it will affect the landline phone users.

“The fiber-optic cable being placed will help increase capacity in the Suffolk and Isle of Wight and overall Hampton Roads area for landline voice and data traffic, as well as for wireless carriers in the area,” he said.

Mitchell said this project is geared to increase overall capacity in Hampton Roads.