Land transfers for Feb. 3-16

Published 11:06 pm Saturday, February 18, 2012

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


Feb. 3-16

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Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts LP to Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts Foundation; 110 W. Finney Ave.; $11,649,100


Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Antonio J. Simmons; 524 Chisholm Lane; $114,500


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Avis Anita Hawkins; 419 Woodruff St.; $49,600


A Thomas Holdings LLC to Thomas J. Joyce III; 121 Misty Ridge Lane; $237,600


Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to AR 2 LLC; 1356 White Marsh Road; $57,500


Christopher W. Barron to Christina L. Gardner; 175 Squire Reach; $162,500


Talmage F. Baines to Jeffrey T. Benton; 2801 Greenway Road; $80,000


Sabrina A. Richardson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 6212 Old Townpoint Road; $147,400


Adam T. Conti to Casey V. McCullar; 811 Haskins Drive; $203,100


D&B Poperties Inc. to CHJH Properties LLC; 1219 Larry Ann Drive; $144,400


Nansemond Cold Storage Company Inc. to Freezepop LLC; 160 County St.; $3,100,000


Oma Lee Joyner to Christopher G. Seward III; 1537 Wilkins Drive; $159,700


Richardson Homes Inc. to Southeastern Virginia Properties LLC; 4302 Edgewater Lane; $621,400


Eric B. Shaw to Delgado Pedro L. Rios; 106 Carriage House Drive; $264,600


Johnny Rodgers by trustee to GMAC Mortgage LLC; 1420 Pinto Court; $115,652.34


Robert R. Brinkley Jr. to Barry N. Bratton; 3477 Carolina Road; $49,500


Lashawna Alford to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 2130 Livingston St.; $191,000


Robin J. Porter to Federal National Mortgage Association; 141 Woodlake Terrace; $288,677.08


Robert S. Wash to Penny L. Glover; 101 Trapfalls Court; $323,200


Daniel W. Smith to Heather E. Davenport; 4408 Kendal Way; $324,800


Chad A. Reiman to Carolina B. Stewart; 5312 Shoal Creek Road; $289,000


William J. Sears to Annette Watkins; 1304 Baltic St.; $204,500


MAST Properties LLC to Alexander N. Jennings; 110 Mallard Drive; $186,900


Legacy HG LLC to Gary E. Bailey Jr.; 2105 Gentry St.; $176,900


Tate Terrace Realty Investors to Bryan J. Gill; 2203 Tuliptree Court; $329,900


Brewers Meadow Construction LLC to Travis Gregoire; 2117 Brians Lane; $309,400


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to HSBC Bank USA National Association; 2004 Patrick Drive; $319,400


Brian A. Weatherly to Bobby L. Ralph; 172 River Point Drive Unit 5; $168,300


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to American Equity Funding; 327 Fulcher St.; $151,900


Kalathil N.V. Sankaran to City of Suffolk; 440 W. Washington St.; $389,000


Mary Heather Lockwood to John T. Cutchin Jr.; 1125 Driver Pointe Court; $353,400


Colette Denise Pringle to Orlander Clements Jr.; 220 Teton Circle unit 174; $144,300


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 265 Burnetts Way; $165,400


Atlas VA I SPE LLC to Courtland S. Emerson; 5041 Riverfront Drive; $190,000


G&G Farm Service Inc. A Virginia Corporation to Sandy Land Peanut Company Inc.; 7103 Holy Neck Road; $200,000


Samuel I White PC, trustee, to D&B Properties Inc.; 2529 Lake Cohoon Road; $300,700


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dongsheng Fan; 413 Keaton Way; $186,300


Kensington Park LLC to Keith E. Dunevant II; 234 Craftsman Circle; $180,550


Michael A. Rodriguez to Allen M. Umphlette; 228 Clay St.; $123,500


Floyd N. Dugger, by trustee, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 6708 Braebourne Court; $296,900


Brett Belcher, by trustee, to Bank of New York Mellon; 493 Glen Haven Drive; $335,900


Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, to Shameka Lewis; 209 Wellons St.; $101,100


Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Kenneth Woodley Jr.; 509 Battery Ave.; $158,565


Christopher C. Duckworth to Joshua S. Goolsby; 221 Widgeon Court; $195,000


George T. Powell, executor, to William B. Hunter; 1733 White Marsh Road; $160,100


George T. Powell, executor, to William B. Hunter; 54.5 acres on White Marsh Road; $269,500


HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Larry Baker; 207 Clay St.; $111,900


California Lewis to LW’s Lawn Service; 8.5 acres in Pughsville; $4,000


Cheryl L. Boykins, by trustee, to Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C.; 247 Locust St.; $149,100


Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Robert D. Kirgan; 3416 Raintree Circle; $424,226.16


Atson LLC to J. Timothy Smith; 218 Raleigh Ave.; $85,200


Atson LLC to J. Timothy Smith; 110 S. 10th St.; $53,500


Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund I LLC to JBS Properties LLC; 1206 FDR Court; $111,200


John C. McLemore, trustee, to Bank of Hampton Roads; 3353 Star Creek Court; $423,000


Jeffrey L. Gardy, special commissioner, to Ann Merriam Osborne; 3116 Arthur Drive; $100,000


The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square Inc. to David A. Shoots; 913-A Vineyard Place; $274,877


Commonwealth Asset Services LLC, trustee, to ANS Servicing LLC; 600 Cannon St.; $76,500


ANS Servicing LLC to JBS Properties LC; 600 Cannon St.; $76,500