Reason to be proud

Published 10:38 pm Saturday, February 18, 2012

Suffolk found itself well represented this year in the Southeastern District basketball tournament. Boys’ and girls’ teams from Lakeland High School, Nansemond River High School and King’s Fork High School made it to the tournament, and a team each from Nansemond River and King’s Fork ultimately emerged as the winners.

When the dust settled after the final tournament games in the gymnasium at King’s Fork High School on Friday night, the King’s Fork Lady Bulldogs and the Nansemond River Warriors were the champions, having, in the young ladies’ case, defended their first-place seeding and, in the young men’s case, battled their way to the top.

In front of thousands of people over the course of several nights last week, Suffolk’s teams performed with skill, confidence and class, not only proving they had a right to be in the competition, but also showed a great example of sportsmanship and grace in the process.

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It was a tough year for Lakeland, which wound up out of the running for championships early on, but even in defeat, the Cavaliers showed similar sportsmanship and grace.

Suffolk has plenty of reason to be proud of these young athletes. And they have plenty of reasons to be proud of themselves.