Gymnasts earn top awards

Published 9:51 pm Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teams from World Class Gymnastics excelled at the Excalibur Cup competition in Virginia Beach Feb. 18 and 19.

The organization’s Level 10 and Level 9 teams both won First-Place Team honors, and its Level 4 and Level 7 teams won Second-Place Team honors.

Other individual and team results from the meet are as follows:

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Level 10

Session 4, Senior A: Kiera Brown — 2nd on vault, 9.6, 1st on bars, 9.675, 1st on floor, 9.65, 1st all-around, 38.00

Session 4, Junior: Taylor Harrison — 2nd on vault, 9.65, 1st on bars, 9.4,1st all-around, 37.825; Savannah Borman — 1st on bars, 9.4 (tied)

Session 3, Junior: Taylor LeMoal — 2nd on bars, 8.85, 2nd on floor, 9.2, 1st all-around, 35.175; Jessica Myers, 3rd on vault, 9.0

Child: Natori Robinson — 2nd on bars, 8.775

World Class: 1st-place team: 113.725 (2nd-place, Parkettes, 112.275)


Level 9

Senior: Taylor LeMoal, 2nd on vault, 9.025, 1st on floor, 9.625, 2nd all-around, 36.125; Amber Miller, 1st on bars, 9.1, 2nd (tied) on beam, 8.9; Hannah Mahanes, 2nd (tied) on beam, 8.9

Junior: Emma Sears, 1st on bars, 9.375, 1st on beam, 8.85, 1st on floor, 9.425, 1st all-around, 36.25; Tylor Miezejeski, 1st on vault, 9.25, 2nd on beam, 8.8, 2nd all-around, 36.0; Katlyn Turek, 2nd on floor, 9.325

Child: Lily Olson, 1st on bars, 9.575, 2nd on beam, 9.050; Hope Nelson, 1st on beam, 9.15, 1st on floor, 9.55

World Class: 1st-place team, 111.225 (2nd-place, Excalibur Gymnastics, 109.0)


Level 8

4Senior B: Maya Rimmer, 1st on vault, 8.75, 1st on bars, 8.95

A: Liah Holmes, 1st on floor, 9.35

Junior: Melinda Anselmo, 2nd on beam, 9.4

Child: Charisma Druitt, 2nd on floor, 9.3


Level 7

Senior B: Liah Holmes, 2nd on vault, 9.325, 1st on beam, 9.30, 1st on floor, 9.575, 1st all-around, 37.05

Senior A: Melinda Anselmo, 1st on bars, 9.2, 1st on beam, 9.375, 2nd on floor, 9.375, 1st all-around, 37.3; Ashley Goff, 1st on floor, 9.4

Junior: Lyssa Garber, 2nd on vault, 9.45, 2nd on floor, 9.375

Child: Zoi Robinson, 2nd on vault, 9.525

World Class: 2nd-place team, 112.0  (1st place, Gymstrada, 112.9; 3rd-place, Team Attraction, 111.15)


 Level 5

Senior A: Madeleine McCauley, 1st on beam, 9.600

Junior: Trinity Caffey, 1st on beam, 9.700


Level 4 (Newport News)

Senior B: Caila Carlstrom, 1st on vault, 9.150, 2nd on bars, 9.200, 1st on floor, 9.30, 2nd all-around, 36.100; Catherine Nicely, 2nd on vault, 9.100; Sarina Mikac, 1st on bars, 9.400

Senior A: Lauren Klofach, 1st on vault, 9.275, 2nd all-around, 36.350; Zion Hill-Wilks, 2nd on beam, 9.175

Child: Carley Deaver, 2nd on bars, 9.20, 2nd all-around, 36.250; Jaelah Warner,  2nd on vault, 9.250, 1st on beam, 9.30; Jamison Sears, 1st on floor, 9.525

World Class: 2nd-place team, 111.775


Level 4 (Suffolk)

Senior B: Angelina Kepler, 1st on beam, 9.40, 3rd all-around, 36.700; Taylor Rhodes, 3rd (tied) on beam, 9.300

Junior A: Emma Adams, 1st on bars, 9.550, 3rd on floor, 9.100