A man of good works

Published 10:50 pm Friday, February 24, 2012

Much has been written in recent months about the good work being done by former professional football player and Southampton High School graduate Greg Scott and the organization he founded little more than two years ago, Cover3 Football.

Scott began the organization with the goal of providing football camps as a way of reaching out to and mentoring young people who are in desperate need of being reached out to and mentored. Now known as Cover3 Foundation to better represent the full scope of services it provides, Scott’s organization has grown from simply organizing and running football camps. Today, the organization provides more than 4,000 meals per day across Southeast Virginia at more than 50 locations, and it has donated boxes of medical supplies to the Southampton County Health Department, and recently sent Scott to speak to inmates at the Western Tidewater Regional Jail about work ethic, attitude and commitment.

Many preach the value of hard work, positive attitude and commitment to success, but their words often ring hollow, as there are no actions to support their claims. Then there are those who live these values every day, changing lives and communities as a result. Scott is demonstrating — not only for the young people he hopes to reach and inspire but the community that is proud to call him its own — that the same values that made him a star on the football field are the ones necessary to make one a success in life.

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Many star athletes talk about giving back to their community. This community is particularly blessed to count among its own Greg Scott, who through his Cover3 Foundation is doing more than just talking about giving back. He is living out the values he speaks on and is truly making a difference as a result.