Looking for a little help

Published 8:47 pm Monday, March 26, 2012

There are few philanthropic organizations in Suffolk that do more for more people than the Salvation Army.

Whether through the signature effort to distribute toys at Christmas, distribution of direct aid to the poor, soup kitchens serving lunch twice a week, counseling to people who have suffered disasters, youth services and senior programs throughout the year or various types of assistance to social services recipients, the Salvation Army of Suffolk finds myriad ways to support poor people in the community.

To do so, the organization relies on a variety of fundraisers and donations throughout the year. In addition to the iconic bell-ringers that folks see around Suffolk during the Christmas season, the Salvation Army accepts direct donations, as well as funds raised through sales at its thrift store.


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That store recently took a major hit, when the truck that employees use to pick up items donated for sale was totaled in an accident. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in that accident, but the loss of the truck has caused big problems with the organization’s ability to keep its store stocked. A smaller van and a trailer have been put into service, but what the Salvation Army really needs is a replacement for the vehicle that was lost.

Salvation Army officials say they have less than half the $30,000 it would take to buy a comparable vehicle, and they’ve put out the word that they’re looking for either donations to make up the rest of the cost or — even better — an outright donation of the vehicle they need.

It’s a worthy organization doing worthy work in Suffolk. If you’d like to help, send a check to the Salvation Army, 400 Bank St., Suffolk, VA 23434. Specify in the memo line that the donation is for the truck. For more information, call Maj. Cal Clatterbuck at 539-5201.