Body found in Eclipse

Published 9:31 pm Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Nansemond Swim Club was the site of a grisly discovery on Tuesday afternoon when someone found a body near some playground equipment at the pool.

The sleepy community of Eclipse received a shock Tuesday when Suffolk police were notified of the discovery of a body on the grounds of Nansemond Swim Club, in the 8900 block of Eclipse Drive, according to a department statement.

Police were investigating an undetermined death after receiving the notification about 12:30 p.m. and locating the body, the statement said.

“Due to the condition of the body, it is unknown if it is male or female,” the statement said, adding the body was transported to the Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.


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“No identification has been made,” the statement continued.

City spokeswoman Debbie George said the clothed body was found close to some playground equipment.

“It’s kind of spooky,” said Chris Nierman, an Eclipse Drive resident. “We ride around in golf carts and my daughters were there (at the pool) riding around yesterday. Fortunately, they didn’t see anything.”

Nierman said he returned to live in the home he grew up in after buying it from his parents 15 years ago. “It’s pretty quiet (in Eclipse). There was a shooting a few years back, but that’s about it,” he said, referring to a fatal incident that was ultimately ruled self-defense.

James Evans, another Eclipse Drive resident, said he noticed police activity when he arrived home from work. “I had no idea what was going on,” he said.

His wife, Patricia Evans, said: “We don’t have things like that happen here. That’s really shocking.”

Robert Wagner, who also lives in Eclipse Drive, said Eclipse is “a quiet community, so odds are somebody had to know that pool wasn’t open. Whoever stashed that body must have known the area.”

His mother, Marilyn Wagner, said police didn’t remove the body until late afternoon. “I would say about 4:30, something like that,” she said.

About 7 p.m. Tuesday, the swim club was deserted apart from two men in plain clothes appearing to inspect the pool. Only the occasional commuter arriving home from work was on Eclipse Drive.

The Eclipse Sunoco gas station on Bridge Road is a repository for rumors about the grisly discovery — attendant Stacy Johnson has heard at least a couple of different versions of exactly where the body was found — neither of which were true, George said.

“Something like this definitely doesn’t happen every day,” she said. “Especially in this neighborhood — this is a good, quiet neighborhood.”