Big raises for poor leadership

Published 11:00 pm Friday, April 13, 2012

To the editor:

It’s a shame and a disgrace for the city manager to propose a city budget that will include a 21-percent pay raise for herself and big raises for other city employees.

To propose pay raises is a sign of greed on the city manager’s part. She hasn’t done anything positive in the city to justify a big raise. It shows that she might be a gold digger and only out for herself.


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It’s plain to see that she doesn’t care about the citizens in this city, nor does she care about the teachers who are struggling and haven’t received raises in a long time. This city manager doesn’t care about our struggling school system, because her plan will cut $4 million from the school system’s request.

If the city manager and the others can’t survive on their present salaries, then they should all leave. Her proposal has already forced the School Board to say teachers might have to forego any raises next year, and the division already sent out layoff notices to 89 employees.

It’s time for the citizens of Suffolk to open their eyes and see what’s going on in this city and to say no to this one-sided city budget.

All the citizens have to do is to read between the lines about our city government, and they will find that it’s the same old thing: If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. That’s what the city manager’s budget is about.

Wake up, City Council members and take control of this city. Inform the city manager her control has been terminated. And if the mayor of this city goes along with the city manager’s budget, then she should be put on notice that she can be replaced when election time comes.

Bernard M. Wright Sr.