Healthy environmentalism

Published 9:59 pm Monday, April 30, 2012

Regular readers of this page will not be surprised to learn that we’re keen on volunteerism. If more people volunteered in their communities — whether helping out with troubled youth or supporting Little Leagues or improving their neighborhoods or participating in any of countless other altruistic capacities — communities would have fewer problems, and the world, as they say, would be a better place.

More than 44 such altruistic people gathered at several different sites around Suffolk on Friday to clean up litter left by others in the city who have far less concern for Suffolk and for the people with whom they share their city. The event represented Suffolk’s participation in the Great American Cleanup, a Keep America Beautiful program

There were small crews cleaning up Shingle Creek, Bennett’s Pasture Road and Coulbourn Park. The volunteers collected nearly 900 pounds of garbage and debris — and 16 tires — during the two-day event.


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It’s hard to imagine why on earth in the year 2012 there are people who still discard tires on the side of the road and in public parks. And it’s nearly as hard to fathom why folks think it’s appropriate to dump their trash wherever it might seem convenient to do so.

In contrast, it’s easy to see why folks would want to work to clean up the mess that others leave behind: They care about the world around them and want to leave it in better condition than they found it. That’s the essence of volunteerism and the heart of healthy environmentalism.