A tribute to mothers (and wives)

Published 9:27 pm Thursday, May 10, 2012

By Jon Ward

Every so often I have to stop and ponder how my wife is able to take care of our four children with seemingly little effort.

She amazes me at how easily she can “throw together” a meal or tend to the many tasks of keeping house. She can make a bed in record time that could put the most seasoned military man to shame, and inspect all of my children’s teeth to make sure they were brushed well.


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She makes me wonder about all of the other mothers out there who are similar to her. The ones that will put their children ahead of themselves and tend to every need, no matter how small. The ones who selflessly lose sleep at night to take care of a sick child or get up with the roosters to make breakfast and lunches. The ones who will stay up at night to help with homework and school projects to make sure their children will succeed. The ones who will run a non-stop “mom’s cab” to and from every event you can think of.

I have to wonder how many mothers are out there who will go the extra mile with that same sense of selflessness and dedication. Their maternal instinct drives them to take care of everyone (including spouses and pets), leaving themselves last.

It is very fitting that we have a day set aside each year to bring special attention to these deserving mothers, even though one day out of 365 does not really seem like enough to show how much these fascinating individuals are worth.

To all who read this, take time on Sunday, at least, to appreciate those special people in your life who are normally on the sidelines and in the background who make your life better every day.

And if you’re serving her breakfast in bed, don’t burn the toast, and be sure to pour the coffee the way she likes it — and don’t forget a flower or two!

Take time to say thank you and to truly appreciate those special people who mean so much.

Take the time to say “I love you,” “You’re amazing at this mothering thing,” “You make it look so easy,” “Where would I be without you?” “You are so special to me” or anything else that shows how you care.

Life is so very short; make the time to let a special Mom know how you feel.

To my wife and all other mothers out there, thank you!

Have a very happy Mother’s Day!

Jon Ward lives in Eclipse. Email him at TigPooh2@aol.com.