Welcome changes at Carver

Published 10:07 pm Thursday, May 17, 2012

To the editor:

I had family members buried at Carver Memorial Cemetery before the new ownership, and I regretted visiting their resting places. Also, I did not relish attending a burial of a loved one or friend. The grounds were poorly kept and reminded me of giant potholes when it rained.

Now, this is my mother’s final resting place, and I have nothing but accolades for the co-owners, Richard Tavss and Bishop Ted Thomas, for restoring Carver Memorial Cemetery into the most beautiful grounds and mausoleum to rival any cemetery in Hampton Roads.


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Gail Turner, manager and Denise Smith, compliance agent, are to be commended for their knowledge and professionalism. Dornise McClam and the Revs. Peggy Goulet and Gerald Goodman are compassionate grief counselors. A recent addition to the staff is Laura Davis.

As beautiful as the grounds are, they would be just grounds without Terrance Wilson, Johnny Hall and Don Garces. They are dedicated, caring, experienced, and willing to showcase the team effort at Carver.

In appreciation of the marvelous, but much needed changes at Carver, I volunteer as much as possible to enhance my knowledge of the operations and to visit my mother’s final resting place.

Gloria J. Colbert