Peanut butter perfect donation

Published 9:24 pm Thursday, May 31, 2012

Peanut butter might not seem like all that big a deal in Peanut City, USA, but for a family whose children are unable to get their daily protein from other, more expensive sources, it can mean the difference between having nutritional needs met or not getting adequate nutrition.

It’s a problem that persists, even here in America, the land of plenty and the home of a huge number of obese citizens. And poor nutrition is a problem that tends to grow even more quickly than the tough economic conditions that often cause it.

That’s the nutritional and economic environment the Virginia Peanut Growers Association and the Virginia Peanut Board recognized when they chose to donate 1,500 jars of peanut butter to Virginia’s seven food banks to support Gov. Bob McDonnell’s “Governor’s Bowl” Food and Fund Drive taking place at Chamber of Commerce and state offices throughout the commonwealth.


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Because it is high in protein, easy to store, needs no refrigeration and requires little or no preparation, peanut butter is one of the most popular items for food banks.

“If you can open a jar, you can enjoy the great taste and high nutritional value of peanut butter,” said Matthew Lohr, commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. “It’s the perfect food for small children or anyone else who shouldn’t use a hot stove or a sharp knife.”

Of course, peanut butter was an obvious choice for the peanut growers and their marketing organization when they decided that they wanted to contribute to the governor’s program to support Virginia’s food banks. Still, the example those organizations have set is an important one.

Whether you give peanut butter or some other non-perishable food, the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia could use your support. The organization is used to getting literally tons of food around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but donations tend to drop off this time of year. Of course, folks eat every day of the year — or at least they need to. For more information about how to support the food bank, either through monetary or food donations, visit