All in a day’s work

Published 9:38 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2012

By Rex Alphin

“Keep those lines straight, buddy! Hey, you, get to work! Three stories high we’re going! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

With that, they all dove into their jobs. Endless, wearisome, laborious work that seemed to continue with no real end in sight.

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But the result was magnificent. A beauty rising high above their heads. Underneath was room upon elaborate room, meticulously designed.

All the while, Raymond was taking a shower.

They continued their frenzied work. Three shifts worked non-stop, as if time did not exist. There were laborers, supervisors, construction engineers, architectural consultants and interior decorators.

Raymond was brushing his teeth.

The exterior was now a foreboding structure, rising above the earth towards the heavens. Impressive, it was. There was the main structure with its many rooms connected by intricate hallways. The workers rarely stopped to chat, driven by some unseen force to accomplish their task.

Raymond put on his clothes.

Out from the castle, as it were, led paths and streets and roads, seemingly chaotic but in actuality exceedingly efficient. They were filled with travelers, headed to and from the castle.

Raymond tied his shoes. Brown wingtips.

The sun was rising as the construction personnel continued their task. A new day was at hand. There were supplies to gather, transportation routes to decide, work schedules to complete and tasks to assign. The supervisor barked out orders, admiring with pride his formidable work of art and all that had been accomplished. Glorious.

Raymond stepped outside and walked briskly to his waiting car. In passing, his brown wingtip sole came down squarely on the anthill.

The supervisor and all the workers saw the looming shadow and scurried for cover. It flattened their monumental work of pride, demolishing the upper rooms, destroying doors and hallways and negating months of tedious, backbreaking work in seconds.

Raymond stepped into his red sedan and sped away, thinking of work, adjusting the radio.

“All right boys, let’s get back to work!”