Losing traction to pride

Published 10:05 pm Saturday, June 9, 2012

By David Carter
Guest Columnist

My wife and I were visiting my daughter Tammy in Orlando, Fla., when my youngest grandson Colin was just 3 years old.

After watching him playing, running, swinging and riding his bike, I told Tammy and Jay, “This kid is special. You mark my words; he’s going to be an athlete.”


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Of course, every grandparent thinks his or her grandchildren are special. That’s why they are called “grand.”

When Colin turned 7, his parents signed him up to play football on a team that is made up of children ages 7 to 10.

During his first game, Colin scored four touchdowns. Needless to say, his mom, dad and granddad were ecstatic. I only wish I could have been there. My daughter Tammy sent me a video of one of Colin’s touchdown runs. It was an amazing run that I proudly showed everyone.

After that game, Colin was allowed to score only two or three touchdowns per game before the coach sat him on the bench.

Tammy and Colin were late for the championship game, the last game of the season, because they could not find his football cleats. So he had to wear his tennis shoes.

With a sparkle in his eye, he said, “I’m glad we are late, because my team will be behind, and I will go in and score some touchdowns and win the game, and I’ll be a hero.”

Tammy pulled Colin to her side and said, “Colin, bragging is what the Bible calls pride, and Jesus said pride is wrong. And if you have pride in your heart, you are going to fail.”

Colin looked up at his mom and took a deep breath, trying to grasp what he had done wrong.

When they arrived at the football field, the grass was still wet from an earlier rain. During the game, every time Colin got the ball, he slipped and fell, making him unable to score any touchdowns. His team won without him scoring.

After the game, Colin ran across the field with a big smile on his face and said, “Mommy, God has taught me a lesson! I promise I will never brag again!”

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)


David Carter is the owner of Brandon House Furniture store on West Washington Street. He can be reached at BrandonHouseFurniture@verizon.net.