Vandals strike 15 homes

Published 10:02 pm Monday, June 11, 2012

R.E. Spears III/Suffolk News-Herald Vandals tagged homes and vehicles in the Pitchkettle Point and Pitchkettle Farms neighborhoods with similar graffiti during the weekend. Police have no suspects, but they do not have reason to believe the incidents were gang-related, according to a city spokeswoman.

Residents in two different subdivisions along Pitchkettle Road spent Sunday and Monday trying to clean spray-painted graffiti from garage doors, bricks and vehicles following a rash of vandalism in that area.

About 15 separate incidences of vandalism were reported in the Pitchkettle Farms and Pitchkettle Point neighborhoods during the weekend, according to police reports and a city spokeswoman.

The first reports came from Pitchkettle Farms, where a resident of Fieldbrook Place and one from Fieldstone Lane reported that someone had used black spray paint to paint “MIA” on their garage door and front porch, respectively.


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Both victims had vehicles parked in their driveways that bore license plates with the POW/MIA designation.

The next morning, vandals had struck again across Pitchkettle Road, this time targeting homes and vehicles in the Pitchkettle Point neighborhood. Victims appeared to have a variation of the MIA graffiti tag, as well, although it was not known as of Monday evening whether the more recent victims shared the POW/MIA plates connection that the first ones had.

One man in the Pitchkettle Point neighborhood was attempting to clean the graffiti from the garage door of his elderly mother’s house on Monday afternoon. He asked not to be identified for fear of retribution to his mother, but he warned the vandals that he and his neighbors would not stand idly by and allow their families’ homes and safety to be threatened.

“We’ll protect our property,” the man said, noting that his mother’s truck and garage door had both been painted.

Properties on at least two of the roads in that subdivision were damaged, and at least a few of them had the same markings as the homes that had been marked a day earlier.

Both subdivisions are upscale communities with some of Suffolk’s highest property values.

Police had no suspects in the vandalisms as of Monday evening, according to Suffolk spokeswoman Debbie George, who added, “There is nothing at this point that connects this graffiti to gang activity.”