Prepare for a long wait

Published 8:17 pm Thursday, June 14, 2012

To the editor:

The trains are coming! The trains are coming!

The CSX freight line has awakened in a big way, causing traffic jams and chokepoints along the entire Main Street corridor.


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I have noticed the train crossing gates are down more frequently and for longer periods. I clocked one crossing recently at seven minutes and another at five minutes, and we can expect 10- to 12-minute waits in the future.

Today, I tried to leave the post office, but traffic was backed up for a train crossing North Main Street. I tried Church Street, instead — and so did everyone else. It caused a chokepoint. I understand the backup stretched from Walmart to the Godwin Courts building.

Remember that those huge warehouses being built in Suffolk must be fed with freight. The trains carrying that freight will block streets for longer, making train crossings last longer and lunch-period delays take longer.

And don’t forget Holland Road. This will be impacted, too.

We want economic development, because it brings new revenues — but at what cost? Do we have a traffic and railroad-crossing plan?

We will all be waiting. I’m confident the city will figure out this problem.

Andrew Damiani