Uncertain future for neglected pit bull

Published 8:35 pm Saturday, June 23, 2012

This suffering pit bull was christened “Hope” after being rescued from along Kings Highway by Suffolk Humane volunteers Saturday.

Suffolk Humane Society volunteers are praying that a dog they rescued along Kings Highway Saturday has more to live for than just the name they have given her.

“Hope,” as she was hastily christened, was discovered wandering along the road between the site of the old Kings Highway Bridge and Bennett’s Pasture Road about 11:30 a.m.

She looks to be suffering severe mange, and Kay Hurley, Director of Community Outreach for the society, thinks the dog recently gave birth to a litter of pups.

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“A gentleman stopped and told us there was a pit bull down the road,” Hurley said, adding that the animal was likely spurned by its owners for its medical condition.

“She was just standing by the side of the road.”

Suffolk Animal Control manager Debbie Jefts said Saturday, “One of the (animal control) officers is coming and (is) going to take it to the vet to be saved,” though she said she could not be certain the dog would be saved.

“She’s suffering so much, but she is sweet and lovely,” Hurley said. “She’s obviously social; she literally had no problem with my picking her up.

“I rode in the back of the pick-up truck with her. She was just as good as could be. If she can heal, she will be the most grateful living dog I have ever seen.”