Clinic thanks volunteers

Published 9:06 pm Monday, June 25, 2012

A great free clinic like the one right here in Suffolk is the result of many years of hard work by many different people. Doctors and nurses, dentists and hygienists, pharmacy technicians and appointment setters are all among the obvious people who often volunteer their time to such a clinic. But the list of those who must generously donate their time and talents to the cause is far longer, ranging from the administrators and board members all the way down to those keep the place clean and organize the filing that must be done.

The Western Tidewater Free Clinic has been a wonderful blessing to Suffolk and the other nearby communities it serves. But the good work the clinic has done on behalf of people here who have little or no health insurance would not exist without the selfless commitment and continuing sacrifices of the volunteers who make things happen there.

Some of those volunteers were honored recently for their contributions, and they deserve widespread acclamation for the lives they have improved. During a recent dinner meeting, the clinic honored a physician and dentist, a medical professional and dental professional, and a general volunteer.


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Dr. Bernard Jamison received the physicians’ award, and R.L. Howell DDS & Associates received the dentists’ award. Debra Alphin, a nurse, received the health professional award. June Rice also was honored. Susie Slack, a dental hygienist, received the dental professional award. And Jinks Babey received the general volunteer award.

The recipients were nominated by their 240 fellow volunteers, a fact that should make the honor even more special to those who received it. “The award is a big honor given yearly to volunteers who go above and beyond what is expected of them in the line of duty,” said Volunteer Coordinator Vicki Butler.

Every day, folks at the clinic spend their own money, time, energy and talents to help improve the health of folks who often are in some of the worst health situations in the area.

All of the volunteers there deserve our congratulations and our thanks. Those who were judged by the peers to have gone even further in their quest to help their neighbors deserve a special measure of appreciation.