Jobs: The new entitlement

Published 6:41 pm Saturday, July 7, 2012

By Jon Ward


How many folks in our country are entitled to a job? How many too good to work? The answer to these questions is, simply, none.


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I am always a bit surprised hear what is going on in our country. We have way to many people who seem to think that just because they are American, they are entitled to a job. I see people complain about others “taking” their jobs away, or about immigrants taking jobs away that should be theirs.

The reality, though, is most people do not want to work. Everybody wants that paycheck, but how many actually want to work for it? If you talk to your elders, they can tell you about a work ethic people had years ago that has somehow been lost over time.

We live in an age in which we long for a computer or machine to do the work while we watch. Technology has made us lazy. I see a young generation that thinks it is ok to talk on their cell phones and endlessly text people while they are supposed to be working.

Years ago, people were understood that while you were on company time, you devoted yourself to your job. You gave the 100 percent of your effort to your work. We had a stronger country, a stronger community, and seemingly better-rounded people.

I know of a local boat builder who would make sure to write down any time he spent talking to someone that distracted him from his work, so as to not overcharge his customer. How many people today would do that? How many are conscious of the time they are supposed to be working?

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of good folks out there who work hard everyday. They have a good work ethic. However, there are many (particularly the young) who seem to have missed that work ethic that our parents and grandparents had/have. They think they are entitled to a job and do not need to work like everyone else. I have seen a lot of young people who even think they should start at the top, instead of the bottom. What is being taught to our children that they think there is a quick way to skate by and get to the top?

Our country is in a fix now because of a lot of bad decisions and questionable ethics.

Anyone looking for a job should be prepared to prove himself. You are not entitled to have a job. It is your right to be able to try and attain one. You need to lose any attitudes. You need to look for the jobs. You need to show a company that you are going to be committed to it and its product. You need to be prepared to start at the bottom and work up.

Look how many immigrants come here to be citizens. They come happily working hours that we would snub our noses at to have the “American dream” that we expect to be given to us. I have seen folks from Asia work 15-hour days to have a nice life here. They never seem to complain and are happy to be here and have work. They cherish what we take for granted.

It is high time we change out thinking and try to get back that work ethic from yesteryears. It’s time to put away our cell phones and dedicate our time to our jobs to make ourselves and the companies we work for stronger. It is time to show the rest of the world why we became a great nation.

Jon Ward lives in Eclipse. Email him at