A passion for china painting

Published 10:48 pm Saturday, July 21, 2012

Susie Tuberson has been painting china since 1978. Today, she teaches students how to do it in a weekly class at Lake Prince Woods retirement community in Suffolk.

By Susan Stone
Special to the News-Herald

China painting might not have been a lifelong passion for Susie Tuberson, but it comes pretty close.

Tuberson was walking past a store one day in 1978 and saw a set of beautiful hand-painted glass lamps in the window, along with a sign saying lessons were available.


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This really piqued her interest. Her children were old enough they didn’t need as much attention from Mom as they once did, and she thought it would be fun to do something for herself. After going into the store and finding out previous art experience was not necessary, Tuberson decided to try china painting.

Not only is she still an avid painter, but she has been teaching china painting since 1991. Up until about two years ago she was teaching two classes of 12 students every week. She now teaches one class every other week.

“I love teaching,” she said, “because I see the enthusiasm of the students, and it makes me want to try some of the things they’re doing.”

Before she and her husband, Bob, moved to Lake Prince Woods retirement community in Suffolk last year from Virginia Beach, many of her students were wives of NATO military personnel or employed at Volvo. “I taught people from all over the world,” she said.

She still keeps in touch with several of them; she and Bob visited one of her former students in Sweden, which had special interest for Bob, since his ancestors are Swedish.

Susie has everything she needs for doing her art conveniently located in her home. The dining room has been transformed into a studio, and three kilns are located in the garage.

Since moving to Lake Prince Woods, she still maintains classes, but she no longer paints every day as she finds herself involved in many of the community’s activities. Still, painting serves as her relaxation therapy.

She has offered to host an open house for her Lake Prince Woods neighbors to introduce them to the joy and pleasure of china painting. And who knows? She just may spark the interest in china painting in one of them the way it was sparked in her 34 years ago.