Supply drive needs materials

Published 9:24 pm Monday, July 30, 2012

When I was in school, one of my favorite times of the year was always when it was time to shop for school supplies.

Perhaps that makes me a nerd, but I’ve never shied away from that term. I thrilled at the visual of rows upon rows of markers, colored pencils, protractors, rulers, notebooks, binders and more. It was always a welcome sight after shopping for new clothes, which I’ve always disdained.

But there are many children in Suffolk who don’t get the joy of getting new school supplies. Because their parents are struggling to make ends meet, they simply don’t have the money to buy everything on their child’s list. Without help, their children face the embarrassment of not being prepared on their first day of school like their other classmates.


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Enter the Salvation Army’s school supply drive. The organization already has purchased 500 backpacks and now is seeking donations of more backpacks and supplies to fill all of them.

The organization needs all kinds of supplies, from crayons to compasses and pencils to protractors. Janet Cowan, accountant at the Suffolk Salvation Army, said they never have enough rulers, scissors and composition books.

The supply drive corresponds nicely with the sales tax holiday on school supplies, which will be held Aug. 3-5. School supplies that cost $20 or less per item will be exempt from the 5-percent state sales tax, as will clothing and shoes that cost less than $100 per item.

If you’re going shopping for supplies this weekend with your kids, I would encourage you to pick up two of everything on their list, then drop off the extras at the Salvation Army’s office at 400 Bank St. It could be your child’s classmate or best friend that you’re helping.

If you need help buying school supplies, find out how to apply by calling 539-5201.