New bus route added

Published 8:58 pm Thursday, August 2, 2012

Virginia Regional Transit will add a route in the downtown area and modify two other routes beginning Aug. 13, the city announced Thursday.

The changes are the result of analysis of needs performed by VRT on behalf the city, according to a press release. The new routes will cover more locations.

The changes also eliminate the route numbers, a holdover from the days of Hampton Roads Transit, and replace them with color codes.


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The Green Line (formerly Route 71), will drop the trip along Kings Fork Road, except for morning and late afternoon service to the middle and high schools. It also will return along Godwin Boulevard rather than Pruden Boulevard, allowing for shorter wait times. However, morning and afternoon service will be provided to riders along Pruden Boulevard and Northfield Court.

The Orange Line (formerly Route 74), will see adjustments in the Lake Kennedy area but still will provide service to White Marsh Plaza, Lake Kennedy Park, Cypress Park and other important locations.

In addition, a Red Line has been added that will serve some locations eliminated when Routes 72 and 73 were stopped, including North Broad Street and part of West Constance Road, Portsmouth Boulevard, Magnolia Lakes and Magnolia Gardens, North Main Street, Sentara Obici Hospital, the Western Tidewater Free Clinic and Lakeview Medical Center, among other locations.

Bus service operates Monday through Friday, except for major holidays. Fares are $3 for an all-day pass or $1.50 per passenger each way. Tickets can be purchased in the Suffolk Treasurer’s office, or on the bus with exact change.

People with disabilities who are ADA-certified and live within ¾-mile of the scheduled route may be picked up and dropped off at their curbside with 24 hours advance notice. Call 963-9227 to schedule an ADA ride and for more information on how to become certified.

For more information, call 214-6442.