Volunteer group shuts down

Published 10:12 pm Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A women’s volunteer charity is closing its doors after seven years of service to the community, it announced with a press release on Wednesday.

The membership of Suffolk 60 Care unanimously voted in March to dissolve its charter, according to the release. The release cited the economy, family responsibilities and other factors as reasons for the dissolution.

“I think it comes down to having the time and energy needed,” said Alison Dodson Anderson, one of the founders of the group. “We didn’t have the new recruits that we had hoped for. It’s really sad for all of us.”

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The group was founded in 2005 by Anderson, Camille Harrell and Anne Randolph Harrell. It originally had 60 members and took its name from that number.

Through the years, about 120 members passed through its ranks, according to the release. The women contributed more than 1,700 hours of community service, including picking up trash along highways, reading to children and supporting other local charities, including the ForKids Suffolk House.

Through its fundraising events, which included crab pickings and gala dinners, the group raised more than $170,000 to nonprofit organizations serving the city, according to the release.

“While it was in existence, it did a lot of good for the community,” Anderson said, adding the organization brought awareness to the good other groups were doing.

“I am extremely proud of all the amazing women who were a part of S60C,” Anderson was quoted as saying the release. “They all dedicated countless hours and efforts towards volunteering in the Suffolk community. I can only hope they laid the foundation for future women’s volunteer organizations in Suffolk to prosper.”

Anderson said many of the women now serve on boards for nonprofits the group supported, and many other members have gotten plugged into volunteer opportunities through the work of Suffolk 60 Care.

“We have been blessed with great volunteers and wonderful community partnerships,” said Jessica Mullen, president of the group. “Those with a passion for voluntarism and a heart to match will always give of their time.”

Mullen said the group hopes a women’s volunteer organization can thrive again one day on renewed enthusiasm and the foundation laid by Suffolk 60 Care.

“Good women, with good ideas, who give of their time, will surely meet each other again in this community,” she added.