Tennis clinic scheduled

Published 9:55 pm Thursday, August 9, 2012

By Titus Mohler

Janice Henderson and the Suffolk Department of Parks and Recreation will hold a Junior Tennis Clinic Aug. 17 at the Howard Mast Tennis Complex on Main Street in Suffolk.

The event begins at 5:30 p.m. and is for ages 6-13 and adults.

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“(There’ve) been lots of cancellations due to the overheated days, and then we’d get some rain days,” Henderson said. “There’s so many make-ups that they have to do, so I just kind of figured to do a three-hour clinic with them.”

The clinic is open to adults for a very practical reason.

“A lot of the adults that are coming, they’re my students’ parents,” Henderson explained. “So, that gives them an opportunity, as well, to come and participate with the clinic.”

Important tennis skills will be addressed and tested throughout the clinic.

“Skill level drills — forehand and backhand, overhead — there’s going to be multiple games involving those types of skill activities,” Henderson said. “And just some footwork involved, of course, to improve on your ability of retrieving the ball.”

Henderson, who is an experienced tennis player, has been frequently organizing tennis events locally and has held clinics since even before moving to Virginia. She will also have some experienced juniors assisting her, meaning that the clinic is not just for beginners.

“Some of my juniors that are volunteering to help me in this event are skilled players,” Henderson said. “And so, with that, the adults who are participating in (these drills) as well, are able to hit the balls with my junior players and get more of a feedback from them as far as keeping their (own) skills developed.”

Tennis events have been successful in the past, and Henderson feels that not only will players relish this opportunity, but measures will also be taken to help them stay properly nourished if the heat proves to be a factor.

“They’re going to be enjoying the whole atmosphere and there’s going to be refreshments for the kids to keep them hydrated and replenished,” she said. “So, it’s just a thing that I like to do for them, especially at the end of the season.”

Participants must register by Wednesday by calling 514-7243.