Land transfers for Aug. 3-9

Published 8:34 pm Saturday, August 11, 2012

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Aug. 3-9

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Jason E. Cole; 2529 Queens Point Drive; $256,420

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Gene Wylie to Joseph H.F. Wells; no description given; $266,700

Napolitano VIII LLC to Candace L. Bryant; 304 Canaan Circle; $291,295

Cassandra Taylor-Farmer, executrix, to William H. Kern Jr.; 3135 Carolina Road; $325,500

Martin L. Robertson to John Akin; 6908 Leyton Place; $298,700

Samuel I. White PC, trustee, to U.S. Bank National Association; 106 Lake Front Drive; $319,900

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Sandra Misseri; 1311 Pheasant Circle; $210,200

Karen C. Dunn to Steven C. White; 520 Canine Trail; $228,250

Morris H. Cooper to Jerome Nicholson; 2020 Fairway Drive; $348,400

Usan Hlaing to Rodney M. Wilson; 410 Keaton Way; $185,400

U.S. Bank National Association to Ursula Salkey; 2011 Meadow Country Road; $260,800

Leila Tardieu to Melissa A. Lang; 1074 Snead Drive; $244,900

Quaker Neck LLC to Ashley Associates Inc.; 107 Green Spring Drive; $200,200

Moody Homes at Harbour Breeze LLC to Curtis M. Nelson; 6055 Mainsail Lane; $303,270

Tidewater Fair Downs LLC to Malikah Williams; 1050 Rosemont Ave.; $144,500

Tony Thompson to Jason B. Leyh; 121 Kennet Drive; $264,500

Fannie Mae to Nathan Folden; 836 Normandy Drive; $202,000

Linda Dunleavy to Kevin D. Bittle; 6200 Springhill Way; $466,400

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, to Don Campbell; 402 Woodruff St.; $145,900

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 804 Lummis Road; $406,947.05

John Christmas to Derrick Callicutt; 2112 Holland Corner Road; $437,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Karen Bennett Lisota; 1508 Griggs St.; $91,400

D&B Properties Inc. to Karen C. Dunn; 4133 Mockingbird Lane; $497,100

Federal National Mortgage Association to Goodman Developers Inc.; 100 Charlotte Ave.; $21,600

John Williams to Carla A. Jones; 2201 Waters Edge Lane; $195,000

James T. Judkins to Chad Provo; 938 Freeman Mill Road; $206,900

Verna M. Wood, by attorney-in-fact to Justin S. Stockman; 113 Fairfield Ave.; $108,800

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Carlos Morales; 621 Spruce St.; $137,800

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Orchard Grove Community Association Inc.; no description given; $35,800

Addison Foods Inc. to Steven J. Saggese, trustee; 306 Roanoke St.; $255,100

Valerie M. Rowles to Wilton D. Harris; 213 Grace St.; $70,500

Surety Trustees LLC, trustee, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 4022 Appaloosa Court; $465,481.63

James Fernanders Jr. to Carmen Gwynette Paige; 172 Squire Reach; $161,200

Chuckatuck Properties LLC to LV&J Properties LLC; 5933 Godwin Blvd.; $304,500

Recontrust Company, trustee, to Bank of New York Mellon; 313 Peachwood Court; $242,400

BAC Home Loan Servicing, LP, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 7291 Harvest Drive; $291,117.21

XB Holdings I LLC to Leslie John Christmas; 3142 Arthur Drive; $282,300